"My daughter is going into eighth grade and was scared to death to attend your camp on her own.  After the first day, she couldn't wait to go back the next day.  She has attended many camps and was truly impressed with your camp.  I asked her what was different between the Iowa State Camp and the others that she has attended.  She stated “That no matter what the individual’s ability, they treated everyone the same, worked with all the athletes and made everyone feel important"

~ AM 


"Camp was very well organized. The staff was supportive and willing to help each & every player. Awesome experience for my daughter!"

~ VB mom 


"Thank you so much for all of the work that your ISU staff put in to make team camp great. We had an awesome experience and everyone we worked with was always helpful and friendly.  Have a great fall season!"
~ Kathleen


"Thank you for creating such a wonderful camp experience for Olivia.  The first night I stayed to watch, I could tell immediately by the smile on her face that she was having fun, and this would definitely not be our last Iowa State Camp :-).  She had a fabulous experience interacting with the coaches, players, and the other camp participants."

~ S.H.


"My daughter, Lauren, loved your camp last year and plans on attending again. Your camp helped her become the starting Setter on her local Club 14-1 team (although she’s only 12). She loves the Libero position as well. I’m sure your camp will help her when she tries out for club next season. See you in July!"
~ Volleyball Mom


"I can’t believe just 3 days ago I wasn’t convinced on playing volleyball, but after those 3 days everything has changed.  I had such a blast!  I’m so glad I learned how to play volleyball with the ISU volleyball team! Thanks for all the help. I can’t wait to play this year and go back to camp next year! #cyvbcamp #isu #soexcited #love it ."
~ Hannah Marie


"I loved camp and working with the ISU staff and players!  They are so knowledgeable and challenged me to become a better player every session.  At the same time, watching the current players compete motivated me to work hard so I could play at their level one day.  I am so thankful to have achieved that goal and be a part of this awesome program!  It all began with attending camp!"
~ Alexis


"I had a ton of fun! The staff was awesome and friendly. I've learned so much and improved my skills. Can't wait for next year!"
~ SW


"I had a wonderful experience attending the Iowa State Volleyball Camps! It was great getting to know the court coaches and I really enjoyed the fun atmosphere!"
~ Natalie


"I loved Cyclone Volleyball camp! Not only was the camp super beneficial, I made a lot of friends and many fun memories. I will never forget doing the high school musical skit and being Troy Bolten!"

~ Jess


"I absolutely loved my time at camp. The staff was awesome and made it a really fun time. The competition was great, and I learned and improved so much. I also met some really nice people and had lots of fun staying in the dorms!"
~ Morgan


"The food at Seasons is to die for and the options are endless. Even though camp is only three days, I learned so much and met so many new people that loved volleyball as much as I do. I received nothing but positive feedback!"
~ Hannah